Monday, 1 August 2011

Foreword: This is a Blog

Hi there.

This is this is the first post of my first blog.

I guess this is where I am supposed to explain what this blog is about.  At the moment, I'm unsure about that, so I'm writing a first ninja post in the hope that it will become clear to both of us by the end.  Please be patient with me, I'm freestyling here.

This blog is not going to concentrate on one subject.  I'm not an expert on anything enough to present myself as an expert on anything.  I'm sometimes an artist, sometimes I run youth projects, sometimes I work as a stage manager.  I like music and sometimes play records in between real musicians in bars and clubs.  I like movies and probably watch somewhere between an unhealthy and heroic amount.  I may or may not write about these things, but the chances are they will inform the majority of my posts.

Mostly, this is a place to gather together some of my lost words.  I write a lot, but I'm only actually a writer occasionally. I've been published in quite a few different places and I've launched a whole crowd of anxious rambling words into a wide range of subjects and genres.  These include art and movie reviews, short stories and terrible poetry, textbooks and toilet walls.  I suppose this blog is a somewhere to bring some of my orphan writings together in one place.  The ones that didn't fit anywhere else, the wild ones, the outcasts.  It's good to know where they are, especially after dark.

In case you were wondering, the title of my blog is taken from a radio interview with a poet.  He was explaining how it wasn't the nebulous poetry of feelings or the vague exploration of intangible experience that interested him.  Instead, it was trying to capture the patterns and narratives within the tangible experiences of life, the magic of the everyday, the simple interactions between the real people and things that surround us, the 'teapots and flicknives'.   It may have been John Cooper Clarke, John Hegley or Roger McGough, but I can't recall exactly who it was. I tried to search for the quote, but it seems to have vanished entirely.  Who knows, I may have dreamed the whole thing.  Either way, it seems appropriate place to start - these words don't quite fit anywhere else, they don't have an agenda, but they are all coming from the same place, share the same experiences and the same sense of humour, so they must eventually find something in common.  I hope you enjoy their company.

Thank you for reading.  I hope you'll come back again some time.

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